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DIASPOZA is considering an effective relaunch in all areas for its canton of origin. The main objective of its commitment is to be summed up in the term: Empowerment: Making the population capable, to meet the challenges it faces today for its development and to self-suffocate. Whether in the area of health, education or food self-sufficiency, structures must be put in place for system reform and long-term modernization.

The roadmaps for our organization are health, agriculture, and drinking water, depending on the emergency. The projects are being redacted by the various relevant commissions.


With a population of more than 12,000, Zafi does not yet have a hospital. Since the 1970s there was a medical station, which with time fell into desuetude. The room allocated for pharmacy is completely empty at present. Despite the lack of provision for medical care, women’s delivery continues to be organized there. The needs were met in four main points:

  • A hospital
  • A maternity
  • A pharmacy
  • An ambulance
  • An agriculture


Zafi which was recognized in the approximate cities as a source of food denrhees has slowly over the years lost this privilege. The analysis of the situation suggests the rural exodus that has long against the entire region as the main source of a tragic reduction in agricultural production. With a comprehensive reform of agriculture combined with systematic support for young people, DIASPOZA intends to stop the destructive rural exodus by offering young people work. The climate and land quality guarantee favorable conditions for promising agriculture.

Drinking Water

Zafi has always suffered from water penuria. Traditionally, water supply is shared by the cisterns that are built near the boxes for water collection. The dry period forced the population to go to the Haho or Yoto River for supplies. The installation of modern pumps fed by a water tower in Kouve since the 1980s, really did not change the situation. Finally, public pumps are privatized, and the supply of drinking water becomes increasingly difficult. This is why DIASPOZA plans to drill in each of the 4 villages of the canton to solve this problem once and for all.


All the sectors on which the projects are based are each the responsibility of a commission.
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Drinking water
  • Urbanization
  • Communication
  • Awareness

The Project team in place

The project team in Zafi is composed of chiefs and leaders of different social groups throughout the canton: the group of young people, women, religious leaders (Katholic, evangelical, traditional, Muslim)… All these officials are then members in one of the committees mentioned above. The project team is mainly responsible for the proposal and the concrete implementation of all projects. It is obliged to enlighten the population and to raise awareness for the cooperation of everyone that is very necessary for the efficiency of the reforms.

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